Hey you!

We all see things through our own colored spectacles.

The most important bit of information you need to get your head around in this wisp of a lifetime is who you are and why are you here…

Why… right now in the year of our Lord, 2020… are you on this planet, living in the place you live… with the people living in your little world?

In short, the answer is 42. That should cover all the questions of life in general.

Oh… you want more specifics??? Well look no further… I have all the answers… well some of the answers… OK, I don’t know much. Not to worry, I have wisdom that I borrowed from some really smart people which I will claim to be my own. Be sure to tell me how smart I am some time.

This information is cheap (no cost to you) but it isn’t easy. We all can find it if we are really looking but it may not be what you expect.

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